Tracy L. DuBay, PhD

Educational Researcher, Instructional Design & Technology Consultant

Wife (28 yrs), Mother (20,18), Massage Therapist,  Traveling Fool!

October 2015 turned out to be delightful as well....  Starting in Madrid, the first week, then heading to Lisbon Portugal... and down to the Algarve, through the cork fields... back up north to Porto.   Loved everything about Portugal.  Enjoyed a spectacular meal at 

Travels, including great Eats & memorable moments 

October 2014 was a great month for exploring Europe.  The weather was unusually warm and the food, as always, was delightful.  Images below were taken in Paris, Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Budapest, and Wassenaar.  Enjoy!    the following images are going to be mostly foodie sorts....   :)